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The Grey-faced Sengi and what it means for the existence of bigfoot

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Grey-faced Sengi

Recently, Galen Rathbun and Francesco Rovero discovered a new species of mammal in the mountains of Tanzania.  The new species is a member of the elephant shrew group and is called the grey-faced sengi (Rhynchocyon udzungwensis)  It is a relatively small animal (<1kg) that lives on the forest floor.  There are only two known small populations in the world.

The grey-faced sengi was initially discovered using camera traps in 2005.  Rathbun and Rovero subsequently traveled to some very remote mountain tops in Tanzania to study the animals.  During a two-week excursion, they were able to find, study, and capture several specimens.

Does this discovery lead to an increased possibility that there is a sasquatch lurking around the forest of North America?  Although the grey-faced sengi is a relatively large animal to have been just discovered, it is a great deal smaller than bigfoot.  Yet, this animal was easily observed in a camera trap.  It seems much more likely that a large animal such as bigfoot would be seen in these traps quite frequently, if it exists.  The ease at which the scientists were able to find the new animal also is a strike against the existence of bigfoot.  The expedition to the mountains of Tanzania only lasted two weeks.  Even in this short period of time, they were able to find and catch many examples of the sengi.  People have been looking for bigfoot for at least the last 50 years and they still haven’t found any solid evidence.

The comparison of the search for bigfoot with the search and subsequent finding of the grey-faced sengi helps to illustrate the improbability of the existence of bigfoot.  Together with the total lack of conclusive evidence (like droppings, fur, remains, heat signatures) despite their size and the necessary large breeding population brings the odds of their existence to nearly zero.  However, no one can conclusively say that something does not exist, but we don’t know if the invisible pink unicorn exists either.

For an audio interview with Galen Rathbun about the discovery, listen to the Are We Alone podcast (towards the end, but the whole episode is good)

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February 4, 2009 at 8:53 am

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Possible Proof of Bigfoot Discovered in Massachusetts Woods…..

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Police officer searches for evidence of Sasquatch.

Police officer searches for evidence of Sasquatch.

After decades of countless wild goose chases and false leads, cryptozoologists may finally have found the proof of the existence of Bigfoot that they have been waiting for. On an isolated walking trail in the woods outside of Harwich, MA, a Baldwin Acrosonic piano was discovered which may possibly have been played recently by a large ape-like creature.

“It was just sitting there in the middle of the trail,” Sgt. Adam Hutton of the Harwich Police Department explained. “There was even a bench in front of the piano. Clearly someone had played the piano recently, and we could find no evidence that it wasn’t a Sasquatch.”

Hundreds of cryptozoologists, experts in the investigation of animals not considered by mainstream biologists to exist, arrived on the scene within minutes of the piano’s discovery and quickly canvassed the area for additional clues. Within minutes, researchers like Bigfoot enthusiast Deke Crawford had found what they were looking for: a single dark hair stuck to a branch thirty feet away from the piano. “We’ll have to wait for the DNA results to know for certain, but I know that a Bigfoot was here and that is what I’ll be saying at tomorrow’s live press conference.”

This isn’t the first time that a musical instrument has been linked to Bigfoot. Anecdotal reports of massive hairy man-beasts being sighted in the vicinity of a range of instruments, usually in the brass and woodwind family, have been passed around the Bigfoot community for years, but this is the first known link between the mysterious creature and a piano. But to Crawford this makes perfect sense. “These are living, breathing creatures with feelings, hopes, dreams, and an interest in the finer arts. Such intelligence is the only way to explain their ability to avoid leaving any direct evidence of their existence for so many years.”

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November 23, 2008 at 10:19 pm

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